6 Common Low Carb Diet Mistakes

6 Common Low Carb Diet Mistakes

So you’ve decided to start a low-carb diet?

Great and congratulations! Along with having to be strong and fight those uncontrollable urges to eat carbs, you should take care to avoid common low carb diet mistakes that people often make.

Avoiding good fats is a common mistake, but that is necessary to help your body burn fat and on a low-carb diet it is your main source of energy. Stick with good fats like avocados which are low in carbs, olive oil, real butter and almonds in moderation.

Consuming too many carbs is another common mistake and while the carb count will vary depending on the diet choice, it is important to get most of your carbs from green vegetables that will give you key nutrients and energy with much less impact carbs.

Consuming too much high-fat protein is another misstep and it is best to get at least 4 to 6 ounces of protein with each meal from lower fat
sources. While meat products have no carbs many over indulge in bacon and other high-fat proteins that can cause problems like high cholesterol and clogging our heart arteries. Eat more chicken, fish, and turkey.

Avoid consuming too much caffeine and artificial sweeteners as both our insulin triggers and high amounts. Remember that the hallmark of low carb is avoiding insulin trigger foods that cause spikes in blood sugar levels.

Not keeping proper track of your progress is a mistake as well and hopping on the scale three times a day doesn’t count. Keep track of the carb
counts and the food that you are consuming and the exercise you are performing on a daily basis.

Lastly, no matter how well you eat you still need to exercise. Do you know that the more you work out, the more carbs you can eat and still lose weight? It’s a fact!

Additionally, exercise is essential for bone, joint, heart, and muscle health. It boosts metabolism, improves mood, gives you energy, and lower stress. It promotes sound sleep, brain health, and greatly improves the aging process.

When on any diet, it is important to avoid any and all pitfalls if you really want to see results and reach your weight-loss goals. It may be challenging, but thinking about the possible end result can be a good motivator and will keep you focused.

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