Top 5 Low Carb Vegetables

If you’re following a low carb diet, vegetables are your best friend. They’re packed with nutrition, extremely versatile and available in a variety of flavors. However, in order to get the most out of vegetables on a low carb diet, you need to pick the right ones. In this article I’m going to be showing you how to do exactly that and listing five of the best low carb vegetables.

1. Arugula

Calories Per 1 Cup Serving = 4
Carbs Per 1 Cup Serving = 0.8g
Of Which Fiber = 0.4g
Of Which Sugar = 0.4g
Of Which Other Carbohydrates = 0g

Arugula (also known as salad rocket) is the lightest vegetable source of carbohydrates available and contains less than 1g of carbs per cup. It also contains high levels of 15 different vitamins and minerals which collectively allow your body to fully extract the energy from the foods you eat, boost blood flow, protect against chronic disease and much more.

2. Mushrooms

Calories Per 1 Cup Serving = 19
Carbs Per 1 Cup Serving = 2.3g
Of Which Fiber = 0.7g
Of Which Sugar = 1.2g
Of Which Other Carbohydrates = 0.4g

Mushrooms are extremely versatile and can be enjoyed hot or cold. A single cup serving contains just 2.3g of carbohydrates along with high levels of copper (which helps your body produce important substances, protects against inflammation and more), selenium (which supports your immune system, boosts your metabolism and more) and various B vitamins (which allow your body to fully extract the energy from the foods you eat).

3. Celery

Calories Per 1 Cup Serving = 16
Carbs Per 1 Cup Serving = 3g
Of Which Fiber = 1.4g
Of Which Sugar = 1.6g
Of Which Other Carbohydrates = 0g

Celery is light and very hydrating with a single cup serving providing you with just 3g of carbs and containing 95% water. Celery is also a fantastic source of 10 different essential nutrients which protect against inflammation in your body, keep your digestive tract healthy, boost your heart and more.

4. Cucumber

Calories Per 1 Cup Serving = 16
Carbs Per 1 Cup Serving = 3.8g
Of Which Fiber = 0.6g
Of Which Sugar = 1.8g
Of Which Other Carbohydrates = 1.4g

Cucumber is a crunchy, versatile vegetable that packs less than 4g of carbohydrates per serving. In addition to this, it’s rich in magnesium (which boosts your muscles, relaxes your muscles and nerves, protects against chronic disease and more), manganese (which assists in the production of important enzymes, hormones and more), molybdenum (which activates enzymes in the body, supports healthy growth and more), potassium (which maintains fluid balance in the body, promotes proper muscle growth and more), vitamin C (which assists in the production of collagen, supports the immune system and more) and vitamin K (which is essential for the proper healing of wounds).

5. Broccoli

Calories Per 1 Cup Serving = 30
Carbs Per 1 Cup Serving = 6g
Of Which Fiber = 2.4g
Of Which Sugar = 1.5g
Of Which Other Carbohydrates = 2.1g

Broccoli is juicy, succulent and goes great with fish or meat. It’s also a nutritional powerhouse and is rich in over 20 different health boosting nutrients. Collectively these nutrients reduce inflammation in the body, protect against oxygen related damage, reduce your cancer risk, support your digestive system and more.


As you can see, by choosing the right vegetables you can slash your carbohydrate intake while still enjoying all the health boosting benefits that nutrient rich carbs provide. So have another read of the article, think of how you can incorporate these five veggies into your diet and start increasing your intake today.

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