What Is Carb Cycling and How Does It Compare to LCHF Dieting

What Is Carb Cycling and How Does It Compare to LCHF Dieting?

There are hundreds of popular diets out there right now and every single person has their own unique needs and comfort levels that can make choosing the best diet difficult at times.

You probably already know that low carb and high fat diets consist of exactly just that – a low carbohydrate intake daily, with proper fat and protein intake to help burn fat at a quicker rate and still getting to feel full during your meals.

Carb cycling is an alternative of this method used by anyone – including some great bodybuilders of the world. Simply cycle your carb intake from high days of around 150-200 grams of carbs, which your body will be happy about, to the lower carb days of around 50 or fewer grams of carbs per day.

The lower carb days won’t be easy, especially starting out, but you still get the satisfaction of the couple of high carb days during the week so that you don’t have to suffer the whole week with low carbs.

The reason for cycling your carbs is to preserve energy, which uses carbs as your body’s main source of fuel, and preserve muscle. Muscle is easily lost during weight loss diets, so the goal should be to preserve as much muscle mass as possible during this period so that you don’t become soft and weak as you lose weight.

Utilize these high-energy carb days to work out and strength train twice a week, and if you have two medium carb days, use those for cardio in lower heartrate zones for better fat loss.

This will allow you to recover on your two to three days of low carb intake when you probably won’t feel like working out anyway. Now that you have your carb cycle down, just be mindful of when you’re taking in those carbs – especially on the medium and high carb days.

Taking carbs before bed will most likely settle and turn into fat if it’s not being used, so instead put those carbs to work and use them before your workouts for breakfast or lunch instead.

This will give you a better workout with more endurance, and will also prevent those carbs from turning into fat. Before just picking a random diet to help you lose weight, think about your goals, your level of determination, and your budget so that you can compare which plan fits your personal needs.

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