When Carbs Are Limited Choose the Ones for Energy

When Carbs Are Limited, Choose the Ones for Energy

When carbs are limited on a specific diet, it’s important that you choose the ones that are most beneficial for your energy levels. Not all carbohydrates are digested the same and depending on which ones you choose, you could be delaying your progress, impacting your mood and affecting your energy.

A simple rule of thumb for identifying bad carbs is to stay away from sweets such as candy soda or even dried fruit. Carbs from these food sources will digest fast and cause spikes in your energy followed by crashes.

Better carb choices when you’re hungry or for before your workout are sweet potatoes, fruits, berries and vegetables. Carbohydrates from these choices will digest slower and more evenly so that you have steady energy throughout the day.

Knowing when to eat your carbs can be just as important as knowing which carbs to eat. For optimal use of carbohydrates, try to eat them during the morning or at lunch before your work out, because this will suppress sugar cravings and give you energy for your workouts.

If sugar cravings become an issue at night or at any part of your day, try to stick to sweet fruits such as watermelons, apples, and peaches. Although these fruits contain simple sugars, they also provide fiber and other vitamins and minerals that are much better for you than a slice of cake.

Low carb diets are increasingly popular these days, but don’t let your carbs go to waste at the wrong times using the wrong kinds of carbs or it defeats the purpose of going low carb in the first place.

Try to be mindful about your carb choices. Make sure that you pick – not just foods that will fuel your body properly – but choices that you also enjoy at the same time. Sticking to a carb cycle, along with proper exercise in fat burning zones fueled by complex carb choices, will help you target fat cells without feeling drained and starved at the end of your workout.

Once you’ve lost the goal of fat that you wanted to burn, don’t just jump back into the world of carb heavy meals. Too many people go through a low carb phase just to gain back all of their progress made.

Instead, try to slowly wean yourself back onto a healthy amount of carbs to fuel your body for maintaining your current weight, instead of a low amount for weight-loss. Having a few more carbs in your diet will feel great, but keeping an eye on them for several weeks after hitting your goal will prevent further weight gain.

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